• Metallographic laboratory
    Kaliareň, s.r.o. is equipped with modern metallographic laboratory and employs experts in the area of metallographic structure assessment. Therefore we guarantee the highest quality of processed product.
    • Measuring of hardness (HRC, HV, HB)
    • Metallographic structure evaluation
    • Sampling
    • Automatic layer evaluation after carburizing, nitriding, etc.
    • Documentation
  • Automatic monitoring of process and temperature
    Every device is monitored with automatic recording device. On customer´s request we can provide graph with the temperatures during the process.
  • Guidance to heat and heat-chemical treatment
    Do you have questions concerning heat treatment? You are not sure which type of treatment to choose or which material is the most suitable for heat treatment you need? Our technologist offer free counselling for heat treatment! (Production department contact)